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Polishing technology on turbine compressor blade

For thermal power generation and aero engine, the consistency of compressor blade airfoil machining accuracy and surface quality becomes higher and more critical. The traditional method to employ the application of milling plus manual polishing can not reach today’s industrial requirements. IMM GmbH (former IBS GmbH) has thoroughly overcome this problem on her 6-axis grinding/polishing machine.

MTS-series machines are very rigid for loading big and heavy blades. The grinding belt moves along the blade airfoil and can precisely realize 0.1 mm stock removal, which suits to machine forged and casted blades with material of stainless steel, titanium and nickel-base alloy.

In the grinding process, blade is clamped between rotary station and tailstock tip, and moves longitudinally. Grinding removal rate can be set through contact pressure, longitudinal movement speed, Y-axis feed rate, belt grit and cutting speed. Grinding cycle time is much dependable on blade size, airfoil geometry, total removal stock and required surface roughness. All axis feed rates and cutting speed can be programmable.

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