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Automotive Knuckle Machining Technology

Automotive steering knuckle is one of the main parts of the bridge that can make the car stable and sensitive transfer with the direction of travel, steering knuckles function is to bear the load of the front of the car, and drive the front wheel bearing rotation around the kingpin leaving the vehicle steering. In the vehicle driving state, which bear the impact of changing the load, therefore, is required to have high strength.

German Stama Machine MC536/Twin twin spindle machine has two working area, 4 work piece clamped in every working area, the operator can load parts in working area  while the other working area is machining. High volume magazine equipped and patent tool change technology used. Mobile moving column bed structure to ensure the rigidity of the machine.

Typical Machining


Passenger Car Knuckle: Max: Swivel Dia: 450mm

Material:QT 500-7 (GGG50)

Machine Type

STAMA Twin spindle machine MC536/Twin

Cycle time





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